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Shop Modest Fashions Without Going Broke

Let’s face it, finding modest clothing is not always easy. Not everyone has the money to shop exclusively from boutiques like Fern’s Frills, Frou Frou Collection, Ashlyn’s Boutique, and Dainty Jewels, to name just a few modest clothing stores. So how do you stay true to being modest and classy? Well if you like to shop one of the best things to do is to visit your favorite stores often. This sometimes means weekly to see if anything you like has gone on sale. Boutiques have to clear out stock and you need to visit often to take advantage.

Another great way to save is to buy a few basic but versatile skirts and layering things from your favorite boutique, and then buy most of your tops, that are typically easier to find, at thrift stores. Thrift store shopping is an amazing tool for any modest and classy closet. Allow yourself to budget for clothing, go out on a regular basis,(whatever that means for you) and look around. You don’t always need to buy something, but looking and trying things on can often get you a good deal.

Saving can also happen in the laundry room. Take time to pay attention to how things should be laundered. Using a drying rack instead of the dryer can often keep delicate and beautiful fabrics nice longer.  This will allow you to keep your clothing nicer for a longer period of time.

One way I’ve built up a classy wardrobe, is by saving up to buy one or two brand new boutique outfits a year. I’ve done this for about 5 years and now I have several beautiful outfits that I can wear for church and other dressy occasions.

  • Learn to dress up outfits by adding scarves, flowers, shawls, and bows. Using this strategy keeps your closet ever fresh and fun without the need to go and buy an entirely new outfit.

  • Learn to mix and match. Having basic skirts to go with several outfits is a great way to dress on a budget. Get a few styles of  basic colors like black, white, blue, grey and brown. After that you can get some solid colored shirts and refer to the previous point to dress up these outfits.

  • Have an open mind and be willing to experiment.

  • Learn to sew so that you can make alterations to skirts that have slits and shirts that are too low.

  • Always try things on or check your measurements against the measurements listed online to make sure you aren’t wasting money on something that doesn’t fit and is therefore not modest.

  • Be honest about how much money you can afford on clothing and remember that our heavenly Father knows we have need of clothing and will provide if we stay true to our part of the bargain.  Luke 12:22-32

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