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Fern's Frills Modesty Test for Ladies

Fern’s Frills  Modesty Test for Ladies

Materials Needed:

A made up mind to follow the modesty code you hold to.  Modesty is a matter of the heart more than anything else.

A mirror, A chair, A prayerful attitude, and An honest helper if available


Does this outfit cover my knees, elbows, belly and neckline?  How about with my hands raised all the way above my head? How about when I am bent over?

Does it not only cover, but is it tight?  What’s the first thing you notice about me?  Where is the eye drawn to? If it’s a button-down shirt, does it gap when I am sitting/standing/moving/raising my hands?

Can you tell what type of undergarments I have on, either because my clothes are that tight or my shirt gaps?

Is Sitting down a problem?  Sit across from the mirror and/or your helper.  What can can be seen if I sit like a lady?

Finally, am I confident that when I leave, I have peace of mind that I will not be a distraction?

A little Acronym play we made up can help.

Does this outfit cover...

M. My knees, elbows and neckline

O. Overhead hand stretch

D. Down to your toes

E. Edify yourself. Are your bust or rear end drawing attention?

S. Sit down, how about now.

T. Test complete.

Y. You can be confident. God is pleased. You have beautiful Modesty.

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