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An Intro to The Modest Life

Welcome readers and customers of Fern's Frills, We are excited to introduce you to our blog/newsletter. Our thanks to you for visiting our site or booth and signing up. We hope to give you some very good tips and tricks for living the modest life. I would like to start by introducing our amazing team of creative designers and editors. I will introduce one each week.

Ashley Fern is the creative designer of all our ladies accessories. She also designs and manages the website as well as being the chief editor of The Modest Life. Ashley loves to design all kinds of things and is dedicated to bringing quality products and info to all of our readers/customers.

Our Products here at Fern's Frills include many different elements check them out soon.

Modesty Tip #1

Always look in the mirror before leaving the house. It prevents unintentional immodesty.

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